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ONE THOR APP to android and IOS

The ONE THOR App helps you get closer to your friends and professional contacts in a simple and effective way. Send text messages, videos and audio snapshots to your contacts or groups using the 3G, 4G or WIFI available. In addition to all the advantages of a communication application ONE THOR App also features GPS locator to take you in places you do not already know.

Send text messages and video to your contacts

Send Audios in real time with the function Walk Talkie

Local and map for GPS navigation (Google Maps)

Bookmark your favorite places and share with other users

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Misael Martins

Misael Martins

Founder & CEO

"All are important pieces in teamwork, each representing a small portion of the final result, when one fails, all must unite, to reconstruct." Salvador Faria

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Help people realize their dreams and having a better quality of life is part of our mission, for this we rely on values such as integrity, innovation, excellence and particularly on valuing human life.

The daily work of our partners around the world, selling products and conducting business meetings in different countries is a major factor for more and more people believe and join the ONETHOR.

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